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Creativity is in the Adventure

Creativity is in the Adventure

“We Must Take Adventures to Know Where We Truly Belong.”

Have you ever heard that phrase? Well, I think it’s true. And real.

When was the last adventure that you took? What will you do to fill yourself up?


Many people (weather they know it or not) are using a great amount of creative function throughout their days. Even if you don’t consider yourself creative, chances are—you just are.


When we deplete the awesome ideas in our heads, or do lots of problem solving (what I call solution defining) we take from the store of ideas or creativity that we have.


Now, this may work for some people—people that don’t exercise this function too often. Entrepreneurs though… can end up doing every task in their business. From filing, to accounting, marketing, building an online presence, managing operations, inventory, hiring, firing, creating the systems to run a business, sales, and then doing the actual work that they’ve sold.


Maybe that’s not you. Maybe you don’t encounter these things.


Many people do. And I challenge you to think of these things as creative tasks. Analytical problem solving is another way to say creativity. You have to be creative and pull from that inspiration in your noggin to solve problems and define real solutions.


Do you know that your company culture can be defined by these acts of creativity?




Creative thought solves problems. The dictionary explains creative as being or involving the imagination or original ideas. It can also mean a person having a good imagination or original ideas.


Wouldn’t you say that analytical problem solving is looking at problems and needing to form specific results from them? The development of the process and perhaps even the result would involve some sort of original creative thought?




So, what are you doing to fill up your creative bucket every day? (even for the self-identified non-creative). What are you doing to adventure and to add new experiences into your life?


When you deplete the imaginative quality in one day or one sitting, you must fill it up to receive the benefits again of being creative! This can be starting new creative projects, taking time to yourself or hanging out with friends. Just fill it all up!


It’s a muscle, and with that must be used on a regular basis and flexed to continually have that sort of quality and results you’re seeking from it.

Thoughts? Let me know how you flex your creative muscle in the comments…



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