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instagram consulting los angeles emelina spinelli

Welcome to my digital digs!

Think of me as an entrepreneur with an Instagram obsession. Besides Instagram, I’ve invested the last 8-12 years of my life into digital marketing and building online businesses.


I believe that building influence and a social following doesn’t have to be arduous. It can be simple, straightforward and executable. Influence can be built rapidly (just ask my clients!), and created to be on purpose, profitable and fun.


I’m here to give personal brands an edge in business, and big brands the creative innovative campaigns and ideas they need to attract a Millennial market.


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i believe influence can be taught
social media marketing los angeles

I am an Award Winning Designer.

My journey began in 2008 when I first worked first as a graphic designer & illustrator, and then a creative director throughout my growing career. I focused first on designing branding, identity and websites, as well as planning lifestyle and e-commerce photo shoots for clients, social content, and my clients’ greater online presence. I’ve designed everything from international award-winning logos,  ecommerce shops, to apps, interactive websites, illustrative cartoons, social content and branded campaigns for a variety of big brands and lifestyle brands.

I built a full service digital marketing agency.

I co-founded and ran a digital marketing agency in New York providing: full service branding & strategic positioning, website design & development, email marketing, identity & graphic design, copywriting, art direction, and digital marketing campaigns using social media and Facebook advertising. I helped many clients grow their businesses nationally helping them make millions of dollars.

I teach online marketing to 10K+ entrepreneurs.

After getting a solid hold on digital marketing, I co-founded inc. as an entrepreneurship media site teaching digital marketing. has helped over 10,000+ entrepreneurs world-wide learn branding and social media marketing tactics to build their online businesses.

I helped create over $12M+ in strategic partnerships with Fortune 100s.

I worked with Fox Broadcasting in Los Angeles developing integrated marketing campaigns and strategic brand partnerships, including: TV integration, custom social + digital content, influencer marketing, social amplification, first to market VR/AR campaigns, and experiential pop-ups/events. It was amazing to be an integral part of a small supportive team that closed $12M+ in strategic partnerships and $100M in ad sales in less than 12 months. I worked with top Fortune 100 brands: Microsoft, Samsung, Pepsi, Google, and more.

I built a reputable following on social media of over 100K+ combined.

I really began to focus my attention on building a reputable following on social media – specifically Instagram, with over 34K followers. With a combined social following of 100K+, I am very grateful to now get paid to promote brands, work with influencers and develop strategic social campaigns with the right influencer and brand partners.

I am the top Instagram consultant in the United States, soon globally.

Google “Instagram Consultant” anywhere in the US, and you’ll find my name at the very top of the list. I’m the only Instagram consultant with the vast amount of tactical marketing know how, Fortune 100 experience (both Agency & Network), while actually building my own following from scratch. I never tell my clients to do things I haven’t done myself. I’m always testing new strategies to build a sustainable Instagram following, and I’m thrilled to share this with my dozens of amazing clients.

emelina spinelli creative director instagram

Besides having a cool name, I’m a New Yorker living in Los Angeles.

Translation: I  consider myself BA-AF with a sun loving, open-minded attitude.


You can find me on any given day sipping on an americano or matcha—working hard from my laptop at a trendy coffee shop. I run several online businesses, including (a marketing education website), Instagram consulting, and top-selling creative marketing templates for entrepreneurs.


When I’m not working, I’m training for my private pilot’s license, writing my memoir, and learning how to ride the waves, one surf at a time.


Social Media is a diehard passion of mine. Join my journey on Instagram, Pinterest, YouTubeTwitter, Facebook, and Medium.

+ I am an avid board-sports enthusiast. I love longboarding, snowboarding &  surfing.

(I spent 10+ years teaching skiing and riding both as an PSIA and AASI certified instructor.)


+ I was a Girl Scout for 12+ years, and earned the prestigious Gold Award.


+ I am a member of Toastmasters International.


+ I’ll hunt high and low for aesthetic spaces.


+ I fall in love with vintage 70’s American flair.


+ I’m an advocate social good & social change.


+ I believe in being a better person everday than the day before.


+ I practice practical, grounded “spirituality”.


+ I am always learning, and forever life’s student.

instagram consultant los angeles