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Meet Emelina

Yea that’s me.

Hi, my name is Emelina Spinelli.

Thanks for coming to visit my website & learn a little more about me!

Some things you should know…

  • I create, manage and market personal brands and influencers
  • I help brands grow a sustainable Instagram following and
  • I help Fortune 100s with Creative Marketing Strategy, including working in brand partnerships, content marketing, and social media marketing
  • I teach digital marketing (social media, branding, email) regularly at
  • I create self-paced marketing courses so more people can get an edge in building their personal brand through social media
  • I write for, Business2Community and Just Creative
  • I frequently work with Fortune 100s and top corporations. I’ve worked with Fox, Microsoft, Pepsi, Cadillac, Honda, Taco Bell, Edelman PR, and more.
  • I believe in excellence, and striving absolutely every day to become a better person than the day before

Badass Business Chic.

I’ve been in business since I was 19. I started first by selling my pop art paintings in coffee shops and bars. I went into business as a graphic design firm after freelancing for years, and it morphed into a digital marketing and branding agency. I co-ran the agency with my partner Austin for 3 years. We developed websites, did branding consulting and ran social media accounts. Lots of work, lots of learning, experience and rewards.


Our clients were thrilled, and many of them made millions of dollars as a result of strategic positioning, great brand strategies, and killer designs.


Now, I run a digital marketing blog:

And I get the pleasure of teaching thousands and thousands of digital nomads and entrepreneurs all around the country (and some in the UK and Australia!) how to market and brand themselves online.


I’m Multi-Passionate & Multi-Talented

I have a crazy amount of creative skillsets. I believe that once you get one down, it’s time to add another to the repertoire.


• Creative Strategy • Content Strategy • Social Media Marketing Strategy  • Creative & Art Direction  • Brand Strategy

• Content Creation  • Instagram • Instagram Marketing

• Graphic Design • Website Design

• Branded Copywriting • Email Marketing & Direct Response Copy

emelina spinelli

What’s the wanderlustin’ bit about?

Some lifestyle tidbits…

  • I spend the majority of my days split between coffee shops, coworking spaces, and corporate environments (I do a lot of corporate creative work for Fortune 100s)
  • I’ve lived in several states across the country, currently I call Los Angeles, home. Brooklyn, NY is my other home 😉
  • I run my business with my partner, Austin Iuliano
  • I believe that high-levels of communication and understanding will fix most of the world’s problems.


I love to travel and understand the inherent culture around me (even cultures cross country). I believe that travel and adventure makes you more of who you really are, and fine-tunes your personality. It encourages one to think bigger, become more understanding and communicate like a boss.

Some things you probably didn’t know about me…

  • I spend the majority of my time doing creative marketing strategy for Fortune 100 brands like Fox, Pepsi, and Samsung.
  • I graduated college in 3 years, and probably could’ve graduated in 2.5.
  • I started marketing when I was 8. I sold lemonade on the corner every summer.
  • I started freelance designing when I was 12. It started with patches & tshirts for Girl Scouts & Boy Scouts of America. Yes I was a girl scout for 12 years, and of course I made gold… when I was 15.
  • I founded, ran & marketed a music venue in college with over 60 events, and 60-350+ people at every event. All was in the spirit of providing alternative weekend activities on campus to deter underage drinking. The venue still runs today.
  • I started my first business when I was 19, selling pop-art paintings (that I made) and making logos.
  • I am a certified ski and snowboard instructor… and I prefer snowboarding
  • I play the saxophone and the piano… and I love jazz (you can win me over with Bill Evans…)
  • I ran a digital marketing & branding agency for 3 years
  • I’m an illustrator and my artwork has appeared in publications such as Eating Well Magazine, and Kid President’s Guide to Being Awesome book.
  • I moved to California to enjoy the sun and learn to surf in my free time
  • I’ve always wanted to publish a book and a movie on “Zen in America” and how people find their zen and center themselves through the country
  • I love meditating, reading personal development books, and learning

(*Website Photo Credits: Chase Loreto)

Wall of Fame…

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