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Success is for the Bold

Success is for the Bold

 Do You Feel Like Your Running Uphill?

Do you every feel like you’re beaten down? Like you’ve been hiking uphill for months and perhaps years now. And as you thought you were at the top, someone socked you in the face? Well, let me tell you… it happens.


It happens to the best of us.


And in those moments, we really learn about ourselves. We learn about who we are, who we used to be, and the person we can become in the moment by showing up to life. —by bringing all we have to the table, and being the best person that we are available to be in the moment.


Those are life’s defining moments. It’s easy for someone to feel success with hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions of dollars in the bank. It’s easy to feel successful when someone is given prestigious awards and honor and fame. It’s easy to feel success when people are constantly congratulating you on your work.


The defining moments really come for those that can muster up that feeling of success no matter what.


With mud caked on their faces, staring at the dirt. There’s a glint of a tear in the corner of their eyes. It’s not easy to know then, that you are a success. However if you can manage and create the feeling and know that you are doing the best possible job that you can do and know that you’re bringing everything you have to the table—then you’re a success. And you are bound to be a success.


We are not made into the people we desire to be by the major life achievements and massive landmarks in our lives. We are made into our version of success by showing up every day to life. Whatever is tossed in our court, and the happenstance that we attract in through Divine law.


It’s About Who You Become Along the Way

It’s not about how you handle the giant landmarks and goals—it’s who you are and how you act along the way. It’s about the small tasks and habits that you do EVERYDAY (whether you’re conscious of them or not). Think of them as small pebbles everyday. You place 30 or so pebbles everyday into a beautiful rock wall that you’re building. One rock, even a big rock, would never complete the project. Alas, all the little rocks carefully placed on the blueprint everyday would over time, create the grand work of art that you’re creating—your life.


Think of those pebbles as habits.

Are your habits working for you or against you everyday?

We have habits even if we don’t “work on them.” For instance, if you were to go to the gym everyday to work out, you would create a habit of doing so. But, if you were to stop going for several days… you’d be beginning a new habit—one of not going to the gym.


Are there areas of your life that you’re avoiding today? Success is only for the bold people that show up.

How will you show up today?




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