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Getting 12,000 followers isn’t as hard as it seems. Actually, you can definitely do it in under a year, and even in 6 months when you execute on the daily habits I teach you in this video training.

Instagram doesn’t have to be complicated, and it doesn’t have to take up all your time! Discover the tactics that work to grow so you can actually have a life outside of Instagram.

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Discover Instagram content trends, hashtags, and the tips that will get your account noticed so you can develop yourself as an influencer and attract brand collaborations.

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Hi! I’m Emelina Spinelli.

From 300 Followers to 12,000 in Less than a Year— Then to 35K+


After growing my Instagram from under 500 to 5,000+ in 3 months, and to 12,000 in less than a year, I knew I was onto something big. 


I’ve successfully built a following of 75,000+ on my personal Instagram account. I’ve helped hundreds of influencers and brands grow their accounts rapidly, gaining the right exposure and influence.


In this free video Instagram training, I’ll show you the simple habits and IG hacks I did to grow my following in such a short amount of time. You don’t need any prior experience, just an excited heart eager to learn.

What You Can Expect to Learn in this Instagram Training

+ Know exactly what to post on Instagram — no more guessing what does well, I’ll tell you in this video training

+ Discover some of the very best Hashtags to use for traffic to your account

+ I’ll show you the BEST photo editing apps that will stop viewers in their tracks to double tap

+ Get to know the best influencer-kept-secrets when it comes to building your engagement so you can use the algorithm to your advantage (rather than demise!)

+ Understand exactly what it will take to bring your account from “normal” to the coveted “influencer status”

+ If you do everything I say to in this video — you will have the influence you desire within the next year. Influence is not magic—it’s a science that involves daily habits and a daily grind. The people that do the work, become influencers. It’s so much more attainable than you imagine!

+ You don’t need tons of previous experience to get over 10K fans, just an eager heart and mind ready to learn and execute these tactics like a boss


Join me, I look forward to seeing you in the training!

instagram consultant instagram consulting, instagram expert emelina spinelli