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The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Hashtags


Hashtags… Everyone says you need them, yet most Instagrammers have little clue of what works, why they’re important, and whether or not hashtags actually work for them. In this course, I’ll show you absolutely everything I know about hashtags, and how to grow your account organically using them.


Including The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Hashtags ebook, and 15 video explainers and tutorials.

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Influencer Media Kit Template


A 50-Page Minimalist Template Designed & Ready to Use in Keynote & Powerpoint. Next time you’re pitching a brand, or a new client to work with bring this media kit with you. This is a template created from my very own media kit that allowed me to close tens of thousands of dollars in pitches and collaborations. Clients that have used this template have done the same! It’s super easy to edit, and will help you close your next collaboration, or your next deal. 



Including The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Hashtags ebook, and 15 video explainers and tutorials.

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Marketing Templates


Beautifully designed, scroll-stopping marketing templates. Template Monkey has everything from ebooks, to presentation/webinar templates, stock photos, and media kit templates. Crafted in Powerpoint and Keynote, you’ll gain easy-to-edit marketing materials so you can get back to your zone of genius.

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The Branding Blueprint


Are you an entrepreneur building a new brand? Or you’re looking to re-brand?

A brand strategy can be kind of like hiring a Creative Director for your brand. Except instead of directing creative, they direct all your MARKET POSITIONING, VALUES, VISION, CULTURE, and DECISIONS.

Now, replace the salary of a director role with the cost of this DIY self study course. BOOM! Brand Strategy made easy and affordable. Welcome to THE BRANDING BLUEPRINT. A formulaic DIY approach to architecting a memorable brand from scratch. 


You’ll get access to 8 high-impact branding modules (a workbook self study course). Including BONUS: Start a Business Kit of 8 Templates, and a mini course: Build Your Brand in 30 Days.

free instagram training with emelina spinelli

From a homeless struggling freelancer in Brooklyn, to multi-six figure leading marketing expert in Beverly Hills working with Fortune 100s & celebrities.


Emelina transformed her circumstances for the better, using the power of personal branding, social media, & spiritually led direction.

Emelina Spinelli knows what it takes to have a vision before it exists in the physical world. She’s turned a story of extreme struggle into one of extreme success using her personal branding methodology paired with social media, self motivation, and a relentlessly positive attitude. Today, Emelina works with big brands & spiritually led entrepreneurs & celebrities to extend their reach online and create a new world filled with impact, positive change, innovation and purpose.



Emelina’s social media expertise has been published most recently in The New York Times, as well as Politico, Entrepreneur, Social Media Today, Business2Community, and more. Emelina has worked with many brands including: Fox Broadcasting, Samsung, Microsoft, Pepsi, Facebook, Cellular One, Game of Thrones, Credit Karma, Adobe, and more.

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