instagram consultant instagram consulting, instagram expert emelina spinelli
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I Create Original Social Media and Instagram Content for Brands

I creative direct, and shoot beautiful social media photos, graphics, gifs and videos that are both creative and strategic to meet marketing campaign objectives. I create content that will resonate best within social media native trends, and for the audience they are designed to reach — all while being 100% on brand.

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I am an Instagram Consultant for Brands and Influencers

I create in-depth Instagram marketing strategies for my clients, that give strategic and actionable content, branding & marketing direction on Instagram. I’ll audit your Instagram account & create a clear strategy to optimize & accelerate your results on Instagram to move your account, your business, and your brand forward with confidence. Typically I work with personal brands (celebrities, influencers, bloggers, entrepreneurs, authors, public speakers) and established businesses to accelerate their Instagram results and optimize their approach in marketing on the platform.

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I Help Brands & Influencers Build a Sustainable Instagram Following

After growing my Instagram from 500 to 5,000+ in 3 months, I knew I was onto something big. I’ve successfully built a following of 70,000+ on my personal Instagram account and offer the same successful service to my clients. I help public figures and businesses grow their accounts rapidly with the right market of followers, gaining accelerated results, awareness, and influence.

instagram consultant instagram consulting, instagram expert emelina spinelli
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I’m Emelina Spinelli — an Expert Marketing Director & the top Instagram Consultant on Google worldwide.

You can find me constantly hacking social media to build businesses and influence across the Internet. With 10+ years of digital marketing, social media experience, and creative marketing direction – I help brands and influencers create Instagram strategies that are practical and time-tested.

My social media know how has been featured in The New York Times, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, and Social Media Today.

I’ve worked with Fortune 100 clients: Fox, Microsoft, Samsung, Pepsi, GM, Honda and Cellular One.

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