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Lead magnets are the first step to building your email list and your online business. I’ll help you create a top performing content upgrade so when you hit publish, your soul mate clients will line up and sign up effortlessly.

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There’s an art and a science to building high converting landing pages. I’ll give you all the proven-and-tested, expert know-how to have expert results out of the gate.

marketing strategy for social media, digital marketing expert, email marketing strategy

There’s a reason why so many marketers call their email list their “personal atm”. Email marketing should be entertaining, educational, and simply nurture leads through email, to a sales funnel. I’ll help you turn your email list into your greatest sales asset and extension of your soul-led message.

Digital Marketing Strategy &

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marketing strategy for social media, marketing funnel
marketing funnel, marketing strategy for social media
Marketing Strategy for Social Media | Digital Marketing Expert Emelina Spinelli | Marketing Funnel

It’s about finding unique ways to surprise, delight, entertain, teach & inspire the people that “get you”.


your people…


— your tribe


— your soul-mate audience.


Simply put…

The purpose of marketing is to help your soul-mate audience close the gap between where they are now, and where they want to be. 

It’s about knowing your subscribers better than they know themselves–showing them that you’ve considered their needs and desires every step of the way.


You’re their guide and they trust you. It’s up to you to continue the cycle of earning the trust of a loyal subscriber—one offer, one email, one piece of content, and one sale at a time.

You can literally help thousands and millions of people simultaneously using digital marketing.

Your efforts are amplified. 

Your energy is amplified.

Your marketing efforts can literally help people change and transform for the better.

Along the way you can offer your products and services to continue the transformation in a natural, effortless way.


Together, we can forecast the direction your audience is going; their potential challenges, risks, and what they’ll need along the way for support. You’ll help them get closer to living the life they desire, and accomplishing their dreams through delivering incredible material and value in a way they didn’t even know they needed. 


And of course automating the right parts of the process so you can get back to making a greater impact where you feel your energy is needed.


Every step of the marketing funnel is created from a place of alignment. 


Your brand is unique. You have a way with people that leaves them feeling better after interacting with you.


Together, we’ll capture this magic you’ve created, and place it in a jar. Then we’ll give that insight and inspiration to your favorite people (your aligned audience) through magnetic lead generation strategies, high-converting landing pages, and impactful email sequences. 

My approach to marketing is all about helping people, being of service and delivering real impact through your marketing efforts

Is this different? Yes. 

Is this typical for marketing experts? Not usually. 

But we can change that. 



This is how marketing is supposed to be. 

Providing service and transformation to people that love and trust you.


We’ll work together to develop your marketing from a place of service. When you do this, then honestly, the sales come naturally. 


If this sounds like your vibe — then get in touch, and let’s create an inspired digital marketing funnel. This way, you can extend your reach, be of greater service to your community, share your magic, and increase your bottom line simultaneously.





Top Ranked Entrepreneur Coach on Google.

Working with Bri, I helped her create a foundational digital marketing funnel to nurture leads coming to her website, to build trust and authority with her brand to later work with her in a deeper and more profound way.

Hear what Bri has to say about working with me below.

Bri’s Custom Marketing Funnel

Optimization Strategy Included…

*Private Intensive & One-on-One Support

*Mini Course Lead Magnet Offer

*Lead Magnet Headline FB Ads Testing & Market Validation

*Email Lead Nurture Sequence

* Unique Up-Sell Offer

*Sequence to Build Trust & Authority to Turn Emails into Interested Buyers for  Group Programs

*Ongoing Email Marketing Strategy

*Design & Copy Direction

*Step-by-Step Implementation Guide


Not Included in Bri’s Strategy: Funnel Implementation


Bri implemented the marketing funnel in house with support of her team using my step-by-step action guides, and completed the funnel in a single month while running her multi-six figure business, managing her team, and clients.

What You’ll Experience & Receive…

> An expert digital marketing funnel optimization strategy, created & written custom to YOUR strengths, YOUR capabilities & resources as a brand, & YOUR opportunities.


> A robust & comprehensive strategy deck/playbook to pass to your team to implement on your behalf. This includes expertise, direction & guides for every area of your marketing funnel. This is quite literally a step-by-step guide you’ll thrilled to have!


> Deep dive private Zoom intensives to create and review your marketing funnel.


> My clients tell me that I make the work look ridiculously easy because I cater the strategy specifically to you. I’m always told that I make complex systems look simple and easy to implement. This way you and your team can hit the ground running to get results, fast.


> And of course, you’ll have access to my support and one-on-one consulting to lock in the results.

What You’ll Find in

Your Custom Digital Marketing

Funnel Strategy Playbook…

> Opt-in/Lead Magnet Strategy


> Landing Page Review & Direction


> Effective Email Sequence & Direction to Support

Your Core Product Offerings & Expertise,

Build Trust & Authority, & Optimize Results


> Direct Sales Copywriting Direction

& Design Direction


> What Metrics to Track that Will

Move You Forward


> Specifics on Optimizing Your

Marketing Funnel for More Impact,

More Trust, and More Sales.




Most Marketing Funnel Strategies do not include implementation. If you require implementation, we can discuss.

Typically, my clients bring the marketing funnel strategy in house with support of their teams using my step-by-step action guides, and are able to whip the action steps out quickly.

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