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Discover How to GROW Your Instagram ORGANICALLY



(a virtual course).

Hashtags… Everyone says you need them, yet most Instagrammers have little clue of what works, why they’re important, and whether or not hashtags actually work for them. In this course, I’ll show you absolutely everything I know about hashtags, and how to grow your account organically using them.


Including The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Hashtags ebook, and 14 videos, explainers and tutorials.



This ultimate hashtag growth guide is great for you if…

– You’ve heard you can grow using hashtags but it just doesn’t seem to be working for you.

– You’re looking to understand HOW TO GROW YOUR ACCOUNT ORGANICALLY using hashtags, hitting the explore page, and understanding viral content trends.

– You’ve heard of the dreaded shadow ban, and want to avoid it ever darkening the doorstep of your Instagram account.

– You use hashtags but you have no idea if they’re the right ones, or if they even work for you.

– You’re not using any particular formula when it comes to hashtags to gain the greatest chance of exposure for your posts.

– You’re not sure how many hashtags to use per post, and where to put them anymore (There have always been debates on whether or not the first comment or caption is better.


Instagram places big emphasis on hashtags in the algorithm. I’ll tell you why the app uses them, Instagram’s benefit, your benefit and how all the puzzle pieces fit together.


I’ve seen clients gain zero traffic from hashtags before working with me, and after they implement the tips I will share in this ultimate guide, will begin showing up in hashtag feeds gaining thousands of new views per post to their Instagram accounts.



When You Enroll You’ll Get Access To…

–  The Ultimate Guide to Hashtags ebook (Including my specific actionable hashtag formula)

–  Hashtag Swipe File for Your Phone (hundreds of pre-categorized hashtags ready to add to your posts)

–  14 Video Walkthroughs & Explainers with hacks on how to grow your audience for free using hashtags

–  BONUS: Visual gallery theming style guide for post & photo inspiration

–  BONUS: Instagram optimization account tips to get the most growth and reach for your account, and gain the most benefit from the IG algorithm

– BONUS: Get access to “The Instagram Lover’s Guide to Hashtags” (the original Hashtag 1.0 guide)



Get Instant Access to the Ultimate Guide to Instagram Hashtags and discover how to accelerate your Instagram account organic growth.

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Hi! I’m Emelina Spinelli.

I grew my Instagram account from 300 Followers to 12,000 in less than a year— then to 65K+


Emelina Spinelli knows what it takes to wield influence and create winning social media marketing strategies. From working with Fortune 100s at Fox Broadcasting as part of a small team creating $12M in integrated marketing campaigns, to building an audience of over 100K followers across her own social media, as well as building hundreds of thousands of followers across all her clients.


Today, Emelina inspires thousands of entrepreneurs and Instagrammers to use social media as a tool for personal transformation. Using a tried-and-tested system she’s developed with her private clients, Emelina guides thousands of people to build a sustainable brand, public image, and audience online. She believes that creating influence can be taught to be purposeful, fun, and profitable.


Emelina’s social media expertise has been published most recently in The New York Times, as well as Entrepreneur, Social Media Today, Business2Community, and more. Emelina has worked with many brands including: Fox Broadcasting, Samsung, Microsoft, Pepsi, Facebook, Cellular One, Game of Thrones, Credit Karma, Adobe, and more.


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+ Discover the tactical actions you must take with a newer Instagram account to get some traction out of the gate.

+ Discover how to fix an “ACTION BLOCK” on Instagram and how to avoid them moving forward.

+ And so much more!


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